We thoughtfully design each piece to endure with an attitude and sensuality that transcends trend.



Sun Becomes Her was founded by two women, born world's apart, raised under the same sun, and brought together by their shared vision of radiance - the sensuality and spirit that has become the modern woman.

Ling hails from the windward beaches of Oahu, Hawaii while Githa was born and raised on the stunning coast of Cape Town in South Africa. Both grew up in the cult of the sun and were equally inspired and influenced by sense of beauty and simplicity instilled by nature.

The two ultimately met at Planet Blue in Santa Monica; Ling as the Founder and Creative Director, and Githa the Design Director. Constrained by wholesale calendars and the artistic sacrifices sometimes required by realities of running a commercial brand, the two dreamed of bringing a more thoughtful, sensual and elevated product to the global market. Seven years later, that dream is coming true.

Designed in a studio within view of the glorious Pacific, to be worn on the global stage by the woman who serves as our muse: Her friends and family cherish her, strangers covet her. The Sun Becomes Her...